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Our Pittsburgh law firm advances and defends claims for defamation and harassment via social media, i.e., Facebook,Twitter, Myspace, or other media. We often advise claims to consider a few things before filing suit. It is often wise to try minimize the damage to your reputation through non-adversarial means when possible.

If, for example, a false statement appears about you on the internet or other publication that is easily modifiable to remove or explain the statement, you should contact the source for removal or retraction of the statement at issue. Many social network sites such as Facebook and Myspace have policies in place to report improper activity, such as defamation, abuse, or stalking. Facebook posts its statement or rights and responsibilities online.One can report a violation to Facebook online, also.

The same applies for Twitter and Myspace. The latter posts its privacy policy as follows:

As for Twitter, you can report abuse as follows:

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