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A person can cause great damage to your reputation without ever identifying himself or herself by name. You may have certain suspicions about who defamed you, but lack conclusive proof about the identity of the individual or company involved. Contact our attorneys for a free consultation about your options at this time.

Your Options.

In order to get a judgment against another person, you will need that person’s name, ultimately, according to Allegheny County Judge Stanton Wettick. (See Joan Melvin v. John Doe et al, GD 99-10264, Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County). Pursuant to Melvin v. John Doe, our lawyers can serve formal request for information on companies and individuals. See also Rosa v. John Doe, GD 09-21507, Court of Common Please of Allegheny County. Pursuant these holdings, we can compel web site hosting companies, search engines, email hosting companies, employers, and other entities to provide the information you need to forward suit and protect your rights.

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