Types of Defamation

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Defamation is not one single concept. Rather, there are various causes of action for damage to one’s reputation via “defamation.” For each, the basis concept is the same: a person or entity has communicates a false statement about one person to a third party.

Here are the various types of defamation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

*A false and damaging oral statement about the plaintiff (slander)

*A false and damaging written statement about the plaintiff (libel)

*Statements about you pertaining to one’s profession (slander per se)

*False information in blog posts and comment sections

*False information on websites, comment section, and other places on the internet, posted anonymously or under a pseudonym.

*False information on social media communications (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.)

*False statements about the plaintiff in email to third parties.

Our Pittsburgh attorneys focus on bringing and defending claims for defamation, which gives us unique insight into the judicial process in this area.

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