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Reporting Harassment

Before filing a lawsuit for harassment or comments that amount to defamation of character on Facebook, for example, you should consider reporting the abuse directly to Facebook. Here’s is what Facebook has to say about this:

“The best way to flag abusive content on the site is to use the ‘Report’ links that appear near the content itself. When a report is submitted, we will review it and take any action warranted by our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. To submit a report, please take the steps listed below:

Report a profile: Go to the profile and click the ‘Report/Block this Person’ link that appears in the left column below the profile photo.

Report a photo: Go to the specific photo and click the ‘Report This Photo’ link that appears below the photo.

Report an Inbox message: View the message and click the “Report Message” link that appears below the sender’s name. Note that you can only report messages from non-friends.

Report a group or event: Go to its main page and click the “Report” link that appears below the group or event photo.

Report a Page: View the Page and click the “Report Page” link that appears in the left column below the Page photo.”

Facebook also recommends that you consider blocking the user involved in the report.

For more information on Facebook policies, go to:

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